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"The family played rock, scissors and paper to see who would get to choose each chocolate."


"I loved the whole experience, presentation, the description card, the taste. It was by far my favorite Christmas gift!"


“When we open a box of Wendy Remer bonbons, it’s like an event. We cut them in two to enjoy the flavor of each one.”


“I do not share this special box of chocolates when I receive it as a holiday gift from my boss. I am sort of ashamed to say I hide it in the back of my dresser drawer.”


"I have been a super fan of Wendy Remer’s one of a kind hand made chocolates for more than a decade. Every year during the holiday season,  my friends and family are so delighted to receive these remarkable confections. It’s a gift from the chocolate Gods!"


Wendy Remer Chocolates are ...


Each bonbon and caramel is carefully handcrafted and either dipped or molded from Valrhona chocolate or my own organic bean-to-bar chocolate.


Ingredients are always the highest quality, sourced locally and organic whenever possible.


I've developed my own recipes over time, but always strive to create something new, different and unexpected.


Because the chocolate used contains a high percent of cacao, the quality and nuance of the chocolate  shines and marries wonderfully with the fillings.


Give this gorgeous holiday collection as a gift to a chocolate lover or yourself!

Handcrafted. Unique. Delicious.

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